Motivate Media Group partners with Beacon Media to introduce immersive technologies

June 30, 2023

Motivate Group, the prominent multimedia and events company in the region, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with MESMR, a division of Beacon Media. This collaboration will enhance Motivate Media Group’s value proposition by leveraging cutting-edge immersive technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Internet, and IoT (Internet of Things) to revolutionize consumer and corporate experiences.

Beacon Media, a global media and entertainment company, is renowned for its data-driven and technology-enabled approach to media production, allocation, and distribution. Through its immersive economy division MESMR, they have redefined storytelling by combining innovative technology and exceptional talent to democratize immersive experiences. This empowers businesses to fully harness the potential of rapidly evolving technologies, transforming the way people interact with technology as part of the ownership economy.

By joining forces with Beacon Media, Motivate Media Group positions itself, the UAE, and the GCC at the forefront of the global technology revolution that’s powering the experience economy. This partnership provides Motivate Media Group access not only to groundbreaking technology but also to the film industry’s ecosystem, enabling the creation of compelling and impactful experiences. Leveraging valuable intellectual property (IP), Beacon Media is developing groundbreaking content with commercial success while fostering active engagement within communities in the UAE, GCC, and beyond.

These emerging technologies fundamentally redefine content creation, distribution, and consumption, offering more immersive and impactful experiences than ever before. As new generations of consumers, well-versed in immersive experiences and the ownership economy through gamification, enter the marketplace, it is crucial to engage them in relatable ways. This dynamic has created a pressing need to deliver content in innovative ways.

Motivate Media Group remains committed to crafting captivating experiences with powerful content, placing storytelling at the core. These industry-leading advancements will effectively engage new consumer generations, revolutionize content experiences, and influence decision-making processes. Through the partnership with Beacon Media, Motivate Media Group establishes itself as a pioneer in leveraging immersive technologies to shape the future of content and consumer engagement.