March 20, 2021


Motivate Media Group, Campaign Middle East’s publisher, has launched a new arm, Motivate Create. Through partnerships and in-house, Motivate Create will offer video services, photography, animation, streaming and studio and equipment rentals across the region. Motivate Create offers clients content and tools across social, print, video and digital to cover wide industry sectors.

Boasting decades of industry knowledge, Create’s video team comprises the best of international and local talent capable of bringing brand visions to life. From event coverage to high-end production its services include creative content design and multi-platform solutions.

A smooth production pipeline and an experienced animation team allows broad versatility for producing narrative, character, VFX, animation and motion graphics. The result is a go-to resource for large and small animation projects alike.

The business need for streaming has never been stronger and Create can provide a one-off or permanent streaming set-up. It can supply secure, tailor-made technology solutions from live event coverage to video-hosting platforms.

Create also manages fully equipped state-of-the-art studios catering to various production requirements. They are located across the UAE and make creating professional and engaging content easy and accessible, with an in-house team of experts to assist clients.

Motivate Create runs an equipment rental model that allows clients to get their hands on the best gear in the market at competitive prices.

To find out more about Motivate Create, visit