Senior Business Development Manager – Motivate x Zakti

About the job

Motivate Media Group in partnership with Zakti; A global Creative Design Company specialising in culture and large-scale Museum, Exposition and Gallery projects is looking for a Senior Business Development Director who will manage, drive and deliver growth in line with the company’s strategic plan and overall business goals.

Type of projects will include specialist museum design, interior design, architecture, engineering sub specialities, technology driven interactives, curated research and storytelling, revolving around content creation to elevate spaces by bringing together multi-disciplinary design specialities that will create immersive visitor journeys.

The company has an ambitious growth strategy in the Gulf and MENA region for the coming years.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Generation of a scalable and sustainable strategy to focus on future new business and the development of existing business. Provide the development of strategic direction and strategies that support delivery of the primary business growth goals and determine route to market opportunities to meet these goals.
  • Specify sales and marketing plans and budgets by product/market combination and market segment. Translating plans into operational actions aimed at achieving the objectives.
  • Build, maintain and strengthen strong and long-term relationships with existing and new customers and partners. Create forward-looking development plans by working with decision makers and understanding customer’s and partner’s key internal and external success drivers.
  • Negotiating with clients and partners regarding financial conditions, delivery times and other relevant conditions aimed at achieving optimum margins and conditions per project. Preparing, calculating, presenting, negotiating and closing of legally sound quotations and contracts.
  • Manage the growth of the product and service portfolio and ensure it is promoted internally and externally. Develop and maintain products and technology to agreed specification, costs and timescales.
  • Keep updated on industry-wide developments and how these translate into business needs. Identify market trends and developments, opportunities and threats in the market. Perform feasibility studies regarding new markets or product/market combinations.
  • Manage the day-to-day ‘sales’ workflow. Agree and regularly review the sales funnels/opportunity plans with the commercial team. Ensure tenders are identified as early as possible and are delivered on time, to budget and to specification.
  • Manage and inspire team members by applying hands-on leadership. Coaching employees in the independent performance of their work. Stimulate cooperation and develop a positive constructive team spirit. Conduct periodic assessment interviews, identifying points for improvement and the need for education or training.
  • Undertake budget planning and management including close interaction with engineering, production, purchasing, quality and health/safety.
  • Comply with all Company policies and procedures.

Candidate Profile

  • The candidate is a talented commercial professional who naturally applies intelligent commercial creativity in doing business. Is a self-starter who is flexible and tactful while holding on to the set targets.
  • Has the mentality and skill to sense, create and convert commercial opportunities into solid results. In addition, possessing a good network within the cultural diaspora of the region would be an added benefit.
  • Possesses excellent social and communicative skills, the ability to establish new contacts and to maintain and deepen existing relations. As well as
  • Has outstanding negotiation skills directed at obtaining results. Gains and maintains trust by being honest and ethical whilst strengthening client relations with a balanced focus on short- and long term results.
  • Has sound legal and contractual knowledge in dealing with and setting up agreements with clients.
  • Capable of independently setting out his/her commercial strategy. At the same time, he/she has a natural tendency for cooperative teamwork and participative thinking, since results are strongly influenced by group processes. Structured thinker with an action oriented mind, the drive to excel and the endurance to build up success. Hands on and down to earth mentality.
  • Possesses excellent leadership and communication skills, with an influencing, mentoring and coaching style – a team builder and motivator.
  • Should be willing to travel internationally.
  • Will be fluent in English and Arabic, both verbal and in writing.


Education & Experience

  • BA or preferably MBA degree in Business and/or broadly related sociology disciplines.
  • Minimum of 15 years international commercial management experience in project sales
  • Experience in project management.