The first English magazine in the Emirates, and now one of the country’s most popular websites, What’s On is the UAE’s go-brand for entertainment and lifestyle. We’re eaters, adventurers, explorers and reporters. We serve the curious and believe that new experiences are what make for richer lives. We bring our expertise, enthusiasm and taste to bear on the things to do in the UAE that are truly worth your time.

At What’s On, our sales managers share our passion for the brand to potential clients.

A typical week includes:

  • Scheduling a minimum of 8 off-site and effective meetings per week
  • Helping advertisers build and execute effective campaigns, measure results and renew/up-sell
  • Working alongside teammates to get your work done

Success will look like:

  • Monthly targets are knocked out of the park. You generate a high volume of sales, prospects, and deals
  • Pipeline is your lifeline – you live and breathe relationship building. We want clients to see you as a strategic partner rather than a standard salesman/woman
  • There’s no such thing as a problem you can’t solve. By leveraging market knowledge, you’re able to offer creative solutions that clients can’t get anywhere else

Our next great sales manager will have:

  • Industry experience
  • Prior success: your track record of success is a long as Sheikh Zayed Road, whether in sales, sports, university etc
  • Passion: you are super excited about the work you do and your energy is contagious
  • Great interpersonal skills: relationships are everything, not just with clients but your team
  • Strong work ethic: you put in the time and energy it takes to get the job done