Advertisement Control Executive

We are looking for an Advertisement Control Executive to support our UAE sales team of Motivate Val Morgan. The ideal candidate would be responsible for checking the proposals/quotations with the rate cards vis a vis booking order/LPO and accordingly prepare contracts for the campaigns booked in coordination with the Sales team, finance team and Business support team.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Prepare contracts as per the proposals and booking orders/LPO received from the sales team
  • Get clear understanding from the sales team as to how the proposal is prepared and discount structure applied
  • Checking of contracts with the proposal and BO for the peripheral markets
  • Report to finance if the proposal is not in line with our standard rate card/packages
  • Ensure that the contracts are prepared based on the campaigns playing
  • Ensure proper tracking of contracts prepared per sales person and maintain proper database to retrieve the data whenever required for further verification
  • Extend full support to the finance department in reconciling campaigns aired vs contracts prepared, etc.
  • Proper coordination with the business support team, wherever required
  • Ensure to take censorship approvals for KSA & UAE (if required) as per the campaign booked
  • Full co-ordination of off-screen campaigns and ensure that the pictures of the foyer executions are obtained and they are properly archived on our server
  • Check and Create proposal on Advertising Accord or other software
  • Learn to prepare media proposals